Registration for e-Seminar “From Code to Action: SAIs exploring the world of AI“ now open!

On the 11th of May e-Seminar hosted online by the ITWG Secretariat is taking place. Registration is now open! Experiences and thoughts about topics related to machine...


Contact Committe audit compendium on cybersecurity

COVID-19 crisis has brought people more than ever into cyberspace. Contact Committee Audit Compendium “Cybersecurity in the EU and its Member States“ is now available in 23...


Enquiry regarding cooperative audit activity

During the seventh work period 2021-2024 of the EUROSAI IT Working Group, we are continuing with the cooperative audit initiative. This project is led by SAIs Czech Republic...


Public sector digitalization and the role of an SAI

ITWG Chair, Auditor General Janar Holm writes about the role of an audit office amidst changes in public governance brought by digitalization in his article published in Vol...


Enquiry regarding cybersecurity in the context of healthcare

Czech Republic Supreme Audit Institution is asking the members of EUROSAI ITWG to contribute to the enquiry regarding cybersecurity in the context of healthcare. During the...


SAI Netherlands' audit framework for algorithms

The Netherlands Court of Audit investigated the Dutch government’s use of algorithms, highlighting the need to understand the use of algorithms and prioritize quality...


S-AI e-Seminar coming up in May

Book your calendars for an e-Seminar “From Code to Action: SAIs Discovering the World of AI” on 11 May 2021, hosted online by the ITWG Secretariat.


Call for input to the ITWG Research & Training Hub

The Secretariat has circulated a draft ITWG e-learning programme outline among the members, together with an accompanying questionnaire on mapping training needs. All...


WGITA webinar in March

WGITA webinar in March 2021 Agenda