Cooperation agreement with ARABOSAI IT Committee signed


ARABOSAI agreement Algiers

Cooperation between the EUROSAI IT Working Group and ARABOSAI IT Audit Committee during 2024-2025 has been formalized in the form of a Concept Note between the two regions signed at the 4th ARABOSAI ITAC meeting hosted by Cour des Comptes of Algeria. Head of ITWG Secretariat, Alvar Nõuakas attended the ceremony by representing EUROSAI and delivering a presentation about ITWG activities and future plans.

The Concept Note establishes a work programme for 2024-2025, encompassing the following areas and activities:

  • mutual participation in meetings and seminars organised by ARABOSAI ITAC and EUROSAI ITWG, respectively;
  • collaboration within the EUROSAI ITWG Research and Training Hub project;
  • participation of members of ARABOSAI ITAC members in IT Self-Assessment and IT Audit Self-Assessment projects of EUROSAI ITWG
  • continuous information exchange and liaison efforts.