Materials from ITWG e-Seminar “Government Spending on ICT – Under Control?“


E-Seminar “Government Spending on ICT – Under Control?“ was held on April 24 2024 and was accessible to all members of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI). Over 200 participants from 55 countries joined e-Seminar.

All relevant materials from the e-Seminar are now available on our website including the report, presentations and video. Please notice, you have to be logged in to see the content.

During the event, participants got an overview of the government spending on ICT while experiences by several SAI representatives as well as keynote speakers were shared. In the panel discussion, panellists Mr Marko Arula (The Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of Climate), Mr Xander Bordeaux (SAI the Netherlands), Ms Margot Danielou (SAI France) and Mr Marko Nemberg (Trinidad Wiseman Ltd, Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications) shared their thoughts about the sustainable management of ICT project lifecycle. The panel discussion was moderated by Ms Kaire Kesküla.

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