The EUROSAI IT Working Group (ITWG) aims to further the institutional sharing of expertise and experiences between the SAIs of the European region, and to encourage the implementation of joint activities in the field of Information Technology. The Working Group tries to complement the initiatives of the INTOSAI IT Audit Standing Committee and to encourage the mutual sharing of experiences between the two organisations.


The Working Group wishes to stimulate European SAIs to jointly explore the strategic consequences of IT-related developments, both with regard to their audit domains and to their own use of IT. It also offers a platform for cooperation between European SAIs when dealing with these issues.


- stimulate vision development;
- facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise;
- promote cooperation in the design of IT related audits;
- promote concurrent, joint or coordinated audits.


Resolution approved by the EUROSAI Congress meeting in Moscow, Russian Federation, 31 May 2002
Work Plan 2017-2020