SLOVENIA: Status of IT audit


Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia has more than 15 years of IT audit experience. In the past, we have audited several large IT projects for which we have mostly adopted a tailored made IT performance audit approach. In most cases we have assessed the efficiency of IT support for important new government initiatives (like eHealth, land register, tax collection) as well as many different large and small areas that need strong IT support (state budget, judiciary system, health insurance, blood transfusion, election commission).

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Four experienced IT auditors and several younger talented performance auditors are currently engaged in following IT audits:

  • efficiency of IT support to social security centres,
  • efficiency of the State's systematic approach to cyber security management,
  • efficiency and effectiveness of the establishment and operation of the national cloud computing,
  • efficiency of cyber security management for critical infrastructure at Slovenian electric power transmission system operator,
  • efficiency of business continuity and IT business continuity management at our largest public drinking water supply company and
  • efficiency in managing business reporting requirements.

We are developing capacity in the areas of cybersecurity, critical infrastructure and business continuity management. We expect the results of the efforts to be more prominent next year.

English summaries and infographics of a most of our IT audits can be found at under the topic "IT System". All of our IT audits are available on our Slovenian language website under the heading "Tematika" category "Informacijski sistemi".

We will be glad to provide additional information on [email protected].