The ITWG focuses on supporting the audit process. The Group’s priority is substantive and practical work to support public sector auditors in their daily operations. The Group aims at sharing, synthesizing, and developing common good IT audit and IT-use practices in the EUROSAI community.

The work of ITWG is organized in subgroups, which implement specific projects. Each subgroup is led by the team leader. We are currently implementing the following projects:

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Control Space for e-Government Audit project is a tool meant to facilitate audits of e-government.

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Information Technology Self-Assessment (ITSA) is an IT governance instrument and Information Technology Audit Self-Assessment (ITASA) is an audit quality instrument.

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Research & Training Hub

IT auditors are expected to be the experts who empower their institutions with a thorough understanding of IT security and operations.

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Cooperative audits

A cooperative audit is a great way to study areas that are important for several countries. As far as a cooperative audits conducted by Supreme Audit Institutions they can be divided into three basic types: joint, parallel and coordinated.

Active IT Audit Manual

Active IT Audit Manual is a practical tool based on the INTOSAI WGITA and IDI Handbook on IT Audit.