Improving IT Competences to Conquer Audit Challenges

Our aim is to stimulate European Supreme Audit Institutions to jointly explore the strategic consequences of IT-related developments, both with regard to their audit domains and to their own use of IT.

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U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has published AI Accountability framework

GAO has built the framework around four principles: governance, data, performance and monitoring. It includes accountability practices to help managing and auditing AI. More...


Follow-up from e-Seminar "From code to action - SAIs in the world of AI“

All relevant materials from e-Seminar „From code to action – SAIs in the world of AI“ including presentations, videos and report about panel discussion are available on our...


Next ITWG Newsletter edition has been published

With the help of many ITWG members next newsletter has been published. In the newsletter you will find articles from nine different countries on various topics such as cyber...


EUROSAI IT Working Group new work plan for 2021-2024 approved by Congress

Janar Holm, the Chair of EUROSAI IT Working Group presented the activity report and draft resolutions of EUROSAI IT Working Group at the XI EUROSAI Congress hosted by the...


New rules and actions for excellence and trust in Artificial Intelligence proposed by European Commission

On the 21 st of April European Comission proposed new rules and actions aiming to turn European into the global hub for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI). It consists...


Contact Committee audit compendium on cybersecurity

COVID-19 crisis has brought people more than ever into cyberspace. Contact Committee Audit Compendium “Cybersecurity in the EU and its Member States“ is now available in 23...


Enquiry regarding cooperative audit activity

During the seventh work period 2021-2024 of the EUROSAI IT Working Group, we are continuing with the cooperative audit initiative. This project is led by SAIs Czech Republic...


Public sector digitalization and the role of an SAI

ITWG Chair, Auditor General Janar Holm writes about the role of an audit office amidst changes in public governance brought by digitalization in his article published in Vol...


Enquiry regarding cybersecurity in the context of healthcare

Czech Republic Supreme Audit Institution is asking the members of EUROSAI ITWG to contribute to the enquiry regarding cybersecurity in the context of healthcare. During the...


The ITWG focuses on supporting the audit process. The Group’s priority is substantive and practical work to support public sector auditors in their daily operations. The Group aims at sharing, synthesizing, and developing common good IT audit and IT-use practices in the EUROSAI community.

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