WGISTA and EUROSAI IT Working Group – Collaboration for a Digital Future of SAIs


It hardly needs an emphasis that technology will shape our lives in significant ways as we are now living in times, because of Covid-19, when every profession is under spotlight of technology readiness. Though not aware of future in precise terms, but INCOSAI 2019 did approve creation of INTOSAI Working Group on Impact of Science and Technology on Auditing (WGISTA) with the understanding that science and technology will impact profession of public sector auditing. And post Covid-19 world will only bear witness to the collective wisdom of INTOSAI community.

Since its creation, WGISTA has been making steady progress. We are now a well-represented working group with 19 members and 6 observers from all across the globe. Our inaugural meeting was held on 16th September 2020 wherein our work plans were adopted.

Going forward, we have started implementation of these plans and our first project would be Environmental Scanning for emerging technologies and we would require support and participation from our members from all INTOSAI regions. We are glad that EUROSAI region is well represented on WGISTA membership.

With the spirit of cooperation, collaboration and knowledge sharing, EUROSAI IT Working Group has also joined WGISTA as an observer. We have already held one virtual meeting with EUROSAI ITWG wherein we discussed the possible avenues of cooperation between both the working groups. We will continue to engage with each other.