Update from ITWG Secretariat: upcoming annual meeting and new developments in ITWG


Upcoming ITWG annual meeting 6-7 September

On 6-7 September the 15th Meeting of the ITWG focusing on work plan activities of the group, as well, on IT standards and guidelines, as separate seminar day that will be open to all INTOSAI members as well, takes place. The meeting will be hosted by the Romanian Court of Accounts and the National Audit Office Estonia, it will be a hybrid event - available both online as well as in Bucharest for those able to travel.

Virtual coffee break with a colleague

Starting from January 2022, ITWG has organised the event “Virtual coffee break with a colleague”. It is an informal meeting where one of the colleagues is reflecting what is going on the in the work field of their office and others contribute with own thoughts to mutual information exchange as well. Coffee break takes place once a month and is accessible to ITWG members only. Materials from coffee breaks can be found on our website.

List of experts

ITWG list of experts has created with the help of members and includes experts who are able to contribute their knowledge internationally within the IT Working Group. The expert pool is useful for IT-auditors or other auditors interested in IT aspects to find a peer to whom to turn to for support or exchange of ideas or a proposal for a cooperative project. The list is available to ITWG website users from EUROSAI only – this means that only Supreme Audit Institutions who are EUROSAI members, can access information.