Update from ITWG Secretariat: upcoming ITWG annual meeting and Research and Training Hub


Upcoming ITWG annual meeting

Next event scheduled provisionally for November 2021 will be the 14th Meeting of the ITWG focusing on group’s work plan activities as well as, in a separate session open to all INTOSAI members, on cyber-security The meeting will be hosted by the National Audit Office Estonia, possibly as a hybrid event available both online as well as on spot for those able to travel. Fingers crossed that the pandemic slows down and we can see some members in Tallinn!

Update on Research and Training Hub

Research and training hub is in motion. We received the input from many SAIs in January and February this year. There are several SAIs who are actively willing to contribute to preparing and developing courseware for the programme and others who are willing to share their cases for the specific learning modules.

Currently, we are moving forward with developing courseware in

  • basic understanding of IT audit component and IT audit domains for regular auditors
  • understanding of relevance of data analysis in an audit.

More detailed training program of introduction to IT audit will be sent out soon to members for review.