Webinar Wednesdays - a new initiative of the the State Audit Office of Hungary


The State Audit Office is launching a series of seven events titled 'Webinar Wednesdays', an international online program from April to November 2021, to follow up on EUROSAI project groups led or coordinated by it, discuss topical issues, explore new methodological approaches and initiate international audit dialogue, knowledge sharing and cooperation.

The pandemic has rewritten the basic rules of how people live and work together. As follows, international contacts transformed and changed significantly, some of which are beneficial, while others less. What we are missing the most are in person interactions, which invisibly motivate people to talk, share thoughts, cooperate and work together as a group during the professional meetings. This realisation led to the creation of the 'Webinar Wednesdays' series, the dedicated objective of which is to create an interactive international virtual professional platform where the experts of supreme audit institutions can exchange experiences and share ideas on various topics, the possible most spirited and vivid way.

In order to create a coherent international image, encourage greater interactivity and attract the attention of the audience, the organizers of the program have introduced a number of digital and visual improvements. These include a customizable background for WebEx Meetings, which may help in securing participants’ private space, an e-certificate confirming participation, an e-poster with visual elements summarizing the key results, an animated e-workout video during breaks and a professional video. Furthermore, as an ice-breaking activity, Kahoot! quiz was also included in the agenda twice. One of the quizzes was a so called country quiz, from which participants could learn some interesting information of each other, while the other game focused more on the less known facts of the overall topic.

The first Webinar Wednesday was successfully held on 21 April 2021 and the second one on 19 May 2021. The third webinar titled “DigitaliSAIon – The digital audit office – Digital transition is the path towards a digital Europe” is to take place on 23 June 2021. The invited guest speaker of the event is the Head of EUROSAI ITWG Secretariat, Mr. Alvar Nõuakas.