INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) – a new initiative is coming!


Picture an ideal state. Efficient functioning of the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) and processes such as planning, resource management, knowledge management, monitoring, conducting audits and reporting, all strengthened by use of information and communication technology (ICT[1]).

IDI picture

Picture SAI leadership igniting change by recognising the strategic importance of ICT.

Picture change that’s sustained by ensuring implementation of a set strategic direction and strengthening of key capacities, such as professional staff capacity and organisational structures and processes to support the utilisation of technology.

Picture sufficient financial resources to implement this change, culminating in the SAI producing high-quality and timely products that contributes to improving the public sector.

This ideal state may seem far-fetched, but in early 2022, IDI’s new pICTure initiative will support SAIs in strengthening their ICT governance.

Why pICTure? Because it holds, at its centre, ICT, providing strategic direction and short-term planning and implementation to build up SAIs ability to leverage on ICT to strengthen key processes and the functioning of the SAI.  

IDI’s objective is to support SAIs in ensuring effective use of technology, connectivity, efficiently run IT operations and development of proper ICT governance procedures, developing key outputs such as:

  • Assessment of SAIs current situation
  • Risk assessment: to guide planning and decision-making
  • ICT strategy: setting the strategic direction through long-term planning
  • Costed and realistic Action plan: ensure short-term planning and implementation
  • Monitoring system: monitor implementation
  • Value proposition to donors: if the SAI seeks additional funding

Though pICTure will not directly provide financial support for purchasing equipment such as hardware, software etc, IDI will seek to support the implementation of action plans through a mix of direct support in selected areas related to ICT governance and/or by acting as a broker between the SAI and other providers of support.

Cross-cutting aspects such as decision making, transparency, internal and external communication and ensuring business continuity will benefit from all the above.


To implement the initiative IDI will seek the support of resource persons and seek partnerships to leverage on the vast knowledge both within the INTOSAI community and outside.

If your organisation has experience in ICT governance and would like to contribute to the initiative, please contact: [email protected]

[1] Leaning on the definition from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the term ICT refers to: Technology for organizing and managing information electronically or digitally, through the whole process from capturing, storage, retrieval, processing, display, presentation, organisation, management, security, transfer, and interchange of data and information.